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‘A friend in need, is a friend indeed’….’A pen is mightier than a sword’…. Have your ever thought why these quotes are so famous??? A sentence that co...
Digital Marketing Social media marketing

Most Popular Social Media Networks

 An empty plate without food or a car without gear is what our lives are without social media networks. Let it be today’s generation or old age indiv...
What is Fintech
Digital Marketing Financial

What is Fintech? Fintech a New Era

What is Fintech? Companies on a regular basis use technology to drive their business in a swift, secure and safe way. Traditionally, everything was do...
Difference-between Fintech and Banks
Digital Marketing Financial

Difference between Fintech and Banks

Technology in any sector could create a blast in upgrading aspect that would lead to a perfect streamline of upward events. In today’s era of digitali...
Digital Marketing guide
Digital Marketing Marketing

The Ultimate Guide for Digital Marketing

This running world of active and passive thoughts that humans carry away with them in terms of handling social platforms has been differently activate...
Digital Marketing Influencer Marketing Marketing

Top 8 types of influencer marketing campaigns

Which influencer wore what? What colour lipstick were they sporting? Does ‘Virushka’ have more followers than ‘Nikyanka’? Is Anita Hassandani pregnant...
Influencer Marketing Tools
Digital Marketing Influencer Marketing

10 Top Influencer Marketing Tools to Find the Most Influential People

With the birth of social media platforms, everything has changed. Today, influencer marketing has been one of the hottest marketing strategies for a w...
influencer marketing trends 2021
Digital Marketing Influencer Marketing Marketing

8 influencer marketing trends to wait for in 2021

2020 saw a lot of new influencers rising and making content from their home. Many existing influencers soared skies and did a pretty good job as worki...
Digital Marketing Youtube Marketing

Pros and Cons of YouTube Multi-channel Networks

To leverage the potential and power of the platform’s most influential stars and biggest channels, Multi-channel networks or MCNs came on YouTube. MCN...
10 Ways to Make Your YouTube Video More Trending and Catchy
Digital Marketing Youtube Marketing

10 Ways to Make Your YouTube Video More Trending and Catchy

If your main content strategy is creating YouTube videos, make sure you are posting trendy videos. If not so, you aren’t taking full advantage of the ...
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