AD Film Making Agency in Mumbai

Third Eye Blind Production House is a Mumbai based Leading Ad film making agency that Marketing your products and services need a special characterization that would imprint its effect on the audience. Being in the age of modernization, with a new context of information and technology, businesses are now getting engaged in different marketing tactics. Transformation of your services or product into a mass appeal is what an Ad Film can do. The power of your Ad Films can create an impactful fortune. Well-crafted Ad Films can act as a bridge between your creative thoughts and the consumer.

Our Thought

Third Eye Blind Productions have been in this business for years where we take care of our audience demands and maintain the decorum of Ad Film marketing principles. We do not believe just in dreaming but transforming your dreams into reality that could be a helping hand in your business.

Why Us

Right from conceptualization to hands-on production, we handle every minute act of the business. Top-notch graphics and animations in our post-production camp beautify the commercials. The theme of passionate communication is present in our stories to create an impact on the audience. Drowning ourselves in your brand, and converting dreams into reality to spread the message is our motive.

Third Eye Blind Productions transform your services and products into desires and circulate them with the help of Ad Film Marketing globally. Being one of the leading production houses in Mumbai, we cater to National and International clients as well. We strongly believe that films are meant for real experiences & emotions, and that’s the point where we strive hard to create strong opportunities with creativity and innovation. Also, branded content plays an important role in worldwide presence that contains market reach.

Third Eye Blind Productions offers fresh and compelling video content that possesses the power of resonating with the audience and persuading them to act. We follow a creative process that includes strategic thinking with specialized knowledge and insights to create distinctive and unique videos that help our clients to achieve their goals.

Our Services

TV Commercials

Producing a trendy and fancy commercial for your brand that enhances the idea behind a particular concept.

Digital Ads

Understanding Google logistics and bringing traffic to your website is our ultimate goal with Ads that fit in your SEO brackets.

Branded Content

Sharing your values with the content that fits a brands’ wants is what we dedicatedly work on.


Our high-end creatives, graphical representation of your ideas, and outstanding animations can take you to the skyrocket target.

Corporate Videos

A corporate video improves an organization’s core values and drives the sales aspects to the next level. Bond with us to get a perfect tone for your videos.

Our Portfolio

Master Traits

  • Web Series – It could simply boost your brand with informative and entertaining content. Audiences are mostly driven to this section where they find some binge-watching tale.
  • Documentaries – Leaving an impactful imprint with regards to someone’s powerful character on the audience is what Documentaries are made for.
  • Featured Films – Captivating the presence of anyone in a dramatic way is a movie.
  • Advertisements – Any length of advertisements creates an impact on the audience that has creativity and innovation added to it.
  • Animation Videos – Modern age culture requires 2D, 3D, and motion graphics that drive the audiences’ minds.
  • Short Films – Bringing your imagination into a beautiful story is what a short film does.
  • Corporate Videos – We give your brands’ identity a wider reach with categories such as Business videos, Product videos, Safety videos, etc.
  • Event Videos – Maximize the impact with event stories such as Commercials, Time-lapse, Explainer videos.
  • Branded Videos – Connect with your audience through stories like Training videos and Animation videos.
  • Training Videos – Enable your audience to retain information accurately with the help of Webinar videos and Presentations.