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Don’t just Dream. Make it happen or bring it to reality with third eye blind productions. Third Eye Blind Productions believes that we can be a supporting hand in making impactful cinemas and attractive content which leads our way in Ad Film Making Agency. In a Nutshell, we help brands & agencies solve marketing problems by creating storytelling experiences.

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Films are meant for real experience and emotions

The digital world today is revolving faster and plays a major role in creating strong opportunities for innovation and creativity. This is where we are born to face the potential threats of Film Production House and turn them into opportunities for our clients to grow successfully. The new form of media and online digital tools like videos or branded content play a major role in helping a large number of clients worldwide. With this in mind, we created a company that is agile, cutting-edge and quality-focused.

Creating Videos That Increase Market Reach

As per the latest research, Visuals that are effective and delivers a strong message is high in demand among the masses. Businesses that make use of Documentaries and short videos get 75% returns on the investment they make in marketing their products and solutions.

We are a well-known film making agency in Mumbai, India made up of innovative scriptwriters, Storyboard makers, cameramen, Professional video editors, animators, producers as well as directors who are best in their field.

Third Eye Blind Production believes in offering fresh and compelling video content that has the power to resonate with your target audience and persuading them to act.

We follow a creative process that includes strategic thinking backup with specialised knowledge and insights to create distinctive and unique videos that help our clients to achieve their goals.

We believe in helping audience feel cinema and live something extraordinary

Web Series

Informative, entertaining and most importantly: boosts your brand


Leave a powerful & lasting impression on your audience Short Movies, YouTube, CSR

Featured Films

Nothing captivates someone quite like a movie.


Short length to Long Length ads  (10 sec, 15 sec, 30 sec and 45 sec ads)

Animation Videos

Think Different and Entertain your audience 2D, 3D, Motion Graphics

Short Films

Bring Your Imaginations into a beautiful story

Corporate Videos

We Give your Brand’s identity a wider reach Business Videos, Product Video, Safety Videos

Event Videos

Maximize the impact and lifetime of your events. Commercial Videos, Time-lapse Videos, Explainer videos

Branded Videos

Connect with your audience through stories. Training Videos, Animation Videos

Training Videos

Enable your audience to retain information accurately Webinar Videos, Presentations

Best Ad Film Production House

Our team of production house is specialised in providing effective and attractive videos to help you reach the right target audience and make them respond within no time.  


As times change, so does the way that content is made.


Your business has a beautiful past as well as an emotional story. let’s tell it. If you want to speak out, it is always good to get in touch with short film production houses.

This process will not only help you in building an image of your business among your target audience but also explain your products in a proper way.

Video Production and Cinema world is growing at a faster rate. Most of the people these days want to see visuals and experience it at the best.

Third Eye Blind Productions can help you here with the best tools that would leave back the most powerful impression among your audiences.


For us, the audience is our priority and we see to it that there is a proper connection between marketing and film to deliver the best results to our clients.

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