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Is your business ready to grow in this ever-competitive and expanding marketing?

Then, you can depend on Third Eye Blind Productions Digital Marketing Services to drive business growth.

We have our own Digital Marketing/Advertising company in Mumbai with a team of creative thinkers.

Digital Marketing is one of the most essential ingredients for successful businesses around the globe.

However, the revolution of digital marketing is making it difficult for some of the businesses to make use of it in the most effective manner and understand the latest opportunities and tactics.

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No.1 Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai, India | Reach Your Prospect Customer.

Our role here is simple as we support and help you understand the best Digital Marketing tactics and opportunities available.

Our motive is to help you in executing campaigns that are perfectly aligned to your business to grow and reach success.

Digital Marketing is one thing that should always be result based and delivering performance is our primary objective to keep our clients happy and engaged.

What Makes Us Different?

Third Eye Blind Productions is a complete solution provider when it comes to choosing the right digital marketing company.

We always understand your ideas and then execute the best solutions and innovations which are perfect for your business.

The services we offer are comprehensive and deliver the best results as per the expectations you have in your mind for your business

This is where we play a major role in analyzing your core business and accordingly offer you with best services in digital marketing to keep you ahead among your competitors.

We Craft

Foster your Business with an Enhanced Digital Presence.

Drive more traffic to your website, maximize leads, improve conversion rates, and achieve higher ROI.

We Provide a Full Range of Digital Marketing Services to help you get the desired Returns on the investments you make for your business.

Digital Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing(SMM)

Social Media is your strongest tool for Marketing to make use of it in the most tangible ways such as Effective Campaigns, Viral Videos, and Powerful Graphics.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

With Years of Experience and Quality Content, we help you rank high in All Search Engines with a comprehensive strategy, effective implementation & monthly reporting.

Pay Per Click Advertising(PPC)

Reach your target audience using the best marketing platforms and get desired returns on Google, social media, Instagram marketing, YouTube.

Sales Lead Generation

Does your business need potential leads? If so, we can help you with PPC, Google Ads, SEO, social media.

Email Marketing

Formulate an effective email marketing campaign to your marketing efforts like SMS Marketing and Email Marketing.

Content Development

With the help of latest technology and creativity, we provide you a full range of Content Writing, Content Creator services.

Online Business Solutions to Deliver the WINNING EDGE!

Our main goal is to help you in generating high-quality leads and businesses as per your needs and demand. Third Eye Blind Productions is one of the most advanced digital performance agencies with a blend of innovation, creativity, and the latest technology. We always believe in delivering knock-out performance with amazing support from our in-house experts.

  • Study your Business in depth
  • Create a Media Plan & Strategy Setup
  • Keyword & Asset Preparation
  • Campaign Setup
  • Testing, Analyzing & Implementing
  • Ongoing Optimization & Maintenance

For any company to stay ahead in today’s business world, it is important to make use of the most innovative tools and ideas. Digital Marketing is one such tool that can be used in the most- effective way to reach the right target audience within a period.

Third Eye Blind Productions will always play a supportive role for your business to get the best returns on the investments you make on marketing for your business as we totally understand your concerns and desire to stay successful and goal-oriented. So, it’s high time for you now to make use of the latest Digital Marketing solutions and slowly give a break to traditional marketing services which you are using to push your business.

As per research, Digital Marketing is more effective than any kind of media solution in today’s business world. No doubt, you can see wonders happening in your business world once you adopt the right marketing tactic for your organization.

Our team of experts is always available to provide you with the best support and help as and when needed. You can anytime get in touch with us on call or email to get all your doubts and questions cleared.

Frequently-asked Questions

A digital marketing agency consists of experts who make your online journey smooth and fruitful. The experts in the agency bridge the gap between businesses and customers through interactive promotional strategies on various social media platforms. Simply put, marketing of products and services online through effective means is taken care of by a digital marketing agency. Their services include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Website Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Email Outreach, Retargeting, Content Generation, Link Building, and more marketing-related services. 

Businesses partner with digital marketing agencies to carry out efficient promotional activities. From building a user-friendly website to planning and executing a business’s social media content, digital marketing agencies provide end-to-end services of marketing. Digital marketing agencies have a big role to play in increasing a business’s visibility, reach, and sales. Each social media platform has a different tonality. Agency experts understand this tonality and cater to their content accordingly. 

Agencies monitor customers’ online behavior and target them according to their wants. Ranking on search engines like Google is also a task carried out by such agencies. Making a business’s social media presence stronger and expanding its reach is the ultimate motive of a digital marketing agency. 

A team of experts at a digital marketing company works together towards one goal. The goal is to connect businesses to customers online and drive traffic. Agencies have segregated departments of services like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Website Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Email Outreach, Retargeting, Content Generation, Link Building, and more marketing-related services. Each department has individuals who specialize in that genre. 

These departments work collectively towards one motive; to make your business successful. Website developers build a smooth-functioning and attractive website for businesses. Driving traffic, or leads to the website is taken care of by the team of Search Engine Optimizers. The department of Search Engine Marketing targets ads on search engines like Google to generate fast conversions. Social Media Marketing experts look after the business’s online presence and make efforts toward boosting their reach across all social media platforms. The content writing team plans and develops the content that needs to be conveyed via social media platforms. Another core department of a digital marketing agency is the department of design and editing. This department creates visually appealing content and brings life to a business’s social media presence. 

Apart from these departments, there are more experts who look after the quality of the results and bind together the collective work of agency professionals. 

With the digital world growing every day, digital marketing has become an essential part of any business. But to take charge of digital marketing along with the other functions of a company is a task. Moreover, expertise in the digital field is a must when it comes to taking a business online. Since in-house departments don’t fulfill the requirements, companies tend to outsource services from a digital marketing agency. 

Businesses partner with digital marketing agencies to expand their reach and get customers online through effective means of marketing. Digital marketing agencies have been proven to save time and money in terms of pulling off a campaign. Relying on agencies for digital marketing allows a business to focus on priorities and growth. The digital space faces advancements every day. To run a business online, agencies keep up with the trends and strategize accordingly. The experts also monitor a business’s performance in the market and work towards getting better.

Hiring individuals to carry out digital tasks would take a company’s time and money. This energy is saved when a company takes itself to a digital marketing agency. Expanded reach, quick conversions, high sales, and strong social media presence, all of this is taken care of by a digital marketing agency at a low cost.

Today, attracting customers organically is next to impossible. A business requires to market its product or service in order to expand. To achieve this, digital marketing is the new road to success. However, marketing yourself won’t make your task easy or cost-efficient. If you think paying somebody else to handle your business’s social media will make you lose your money, here’s something you need to know. Digital marketing requires constant attention and a business cannot meet this requirement single-handedly. Instead, it can be overburdening since digital marketing comes with technical tools and needs to be operated by experts. 

Taking your store online will make it a 24/7 functioning store. If you keep checking on your socials, who will meet the demand for products and services in a company? 

Hiring a digital marketing agency will save you time and money and also bring to highlight positive outcomes. This approach will not only bring you customers but also make your online presence stronger. By getting a digital marketing agency on board, you can leave marketing services in their hands and focus on your business priorities. Only after trusting an agency with your business’s online presence, will you come to know what a digital marketing agency can do for you. 

A digital marketing agency is a great business model that generates consistent income throughout the year. However, an agency’s income is dependent on many factors. These factors include the agency’s scale of work, employee strength, if they’re handling 360-degree marketing services, expenditure, and more. These factors calculate how much an agency earns per year. 

No matter if the agency is hired by a big or small company, each client has the potential to keep the money flowing. If a small company hires a digital marketing agency in a budget of 10,000 INR, then the agency keeps the profit of at least 3000 INR, keeping aside the expenditure. Likewise, if the agency gets hired by 10 smaller-sized companies, the agency makes a profit of 30,000 INR. Today, even big companies are relying on agencies for digital marketing services. WIth big and small companies existing as their client, digital marketing agencies never seem to run out of business. 

A digital marketing agency’s income varies depending on the size of the company its getting hired by. Each company is the agency’s potential client. Since digital marketing is an essential part of business, most businesses, big and small, are hiring a digital marketing agency. Since digital services are in great demand today, digital marketing agencies are booming around the globe.

If you have a business, then absolutely, your business needs digital marketing. Since mass audiences have their presence online, it is important for businesses as well to make their way into the digital space. According to a study, 70-80 percent of consumers search for a product or service online before they make a purchase. This fact makes it essential for businesses to have an online presence. But making a profile isn’t enough. A business needs to boost its social media performance in order to attract customers. 

Every industry is reliant on digital marketing to expand, be it healthcare, grocery, law firm, entertainment, or more. These industries have benefited by boosting their presence in the digital world. Industries like healthcare and law firms are taking advantage of blogging sites, as it has become a platform for them to attract customers. 

As you may have seen, the entertainment industry has also come really far with the help of digital marketing. Earlier, films were directly seen in the cinema theatres. But today, a peek into the film, its making, and the actors’ personal lives has made cinema come to reality. Likewise, digital marketing is essential for every business.