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An influencer marketing agency in UAE, Dubai with strategic planning, a performance-driven approach, and visionary marketing campaigns.

Third Eye Blind Productions is a fiercely independent and agile Influencer marketing agency that grows brands and reputations worldwide.

Believe In Us

The influencer marketing industry in the UAE is growing as each creator has a niche to offer to various brands. Influencer marketing encompasses a variety of tactics, including celebrity endorsement, content creation, social media management, and customer advocacy. 

Being one of the leading Influencer Marketing companies in the UAE, we specialize in talent management, digital marketing, content production, ad film making, celebrity endorsement, and much more traits that will elevate your brand to the top among the competitors.

Third Eye Blind Production campaigns are synchronized, communicated, and executed successfully. Our goal is to increase awareness, ROI, growth, and reach through our influencer-sponsored campaigns.

We base our recommendations on data and experience, not just opinions. You can rely on our experts to create a social media strategy that matches your brand, audience, and objectives.

Quality & Quantity

We Master The Two Main Q’s Of Marketing

Influencer Marketing Agency in UAE

With our remarkable influencer marketing services, we’re a full-service creative agency. With us, you’ll form a lasting relationship. Collaborating is at the heart of what we do. We gave our dreams a direction in 2016 with the first production and film-making project we worked on together as a team. We realized that content is the king for any brand to stand out in the crowd when we started one step at a time. We expanded our boundaries to influencer marketing and talent management across 16+ countries with the only niche being creative.

Influencer Genre

An effective product marketing campaign begins with identifying the right and accurate influencers. Media campaigns are successful because we partner with the right creators in the UAE.













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What We Are Best At

Managing Influencer Relationships

Collaboration is largely dependent on relationship management. Our network comprises more than 2000 top influencers not only in Dubai but globally as well, and together we have created benchmarked campaigns.

Innovative Strategies

Strategies bring a radical shift in your growth in a positive way. We offer a creative plan of work that will subtly beat your competitors.

Content Creation

We aim to amplify the content that matters to the audience. Our company stands out by enabling your brand to reach an unexpected level by diversifying your content.

Influencer Analytics

Brand awareness is determined by how influential your business is. In order to do so, we present a list of top influencers to clients so they can opt-out for some influencers from their niche.

Content Marketing

In any business, content is believed to be the key to success. Content is chunked out, conceptualized, developed, and then marketed by our team of experts. Any campaign that puts your brand in the spotlight needs content to be effective.

Insight & Reporting

You will have access to a real-time monitoring system and reports on audience engagement. Analyze product marketing performance with micro and macro-influencer insights from us.

Influencer Marketing Strategy & Solutions For Your Growth

In collaboration with top influencers in the UAE, we offer a niche content creation service that increases web traffic, improves brand awareness, and spreads brand messages to your target audience.

Boost likes, shares, comments, and followers.
Promote your brand on multiple social media channels.
With a focused strategy, provide high-quality, relevant, and reliable content.
Create authentic relationships with customers organically.


Obtain Real-Time Impact

Third Eye Blind Productions is one of the top Influencer Marketing Agencies specializing in creating unique and impressive stories for brands seeking to stand out in today’s business environment. Our main objective is to deliver the best solutions to our clients in order to achieve their goals. Each campaign is aimed at reaching billions of people.