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It is time to put an end to your research. Our station of creativity envisions videos to represent the position and approach of your brand.

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A marketing campaign should be characterized by a unique style that would leave an impression on your audience and change their buying perception.

Modernization, with a new context of technology and information, has forced businesses to utilize different marketing tactics.

An Ad Film transforms your services or products into mass appeal. They can act as a plank between your innovative ideas and the consumer.

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Our Line of Impression

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Regulating thoughts regularly is required to ensure that your creations last longer.

Third Eye Blind Productions streamlines the set of Ad Film principles to captivate growth and imprint not only in other countries but in the USA as well. We strongly believe that ideas can fly when given wings and that’s the reason we work 24X7 to color the palette of  Ads with our impacting innovations.

Streamline With us

Any Ad Film you make will be in the deck until you present it before the right audience. Third Eye Blind Productions is a film production company that ensures a proper outreach of every concept made on the demands of our clients.

The commercials we make are enhanced with high-quality graphics and animations in our post-production camp. Throughout our stories, we explore the topic of passionate communication to engage the audience.

Being one of the leading production houses amongst other film production companies in Mumbai, we cater to National and International clients. Producing high-quality and captivating advertising films that connect with viewers is what we do best.

Apart from offline advertising, digital and online advertising, we also take care of delivering your creations to the target audience. 

Film Production Company in USA

Third Eye Blind Productions offers compelling and fresh video content that has a great capacity to resonate with the audience and motivate them to act. Being a commercial film production company, from conceptualization to actual production, we handle every aspect of the business.

Ad film Production Services

TV Commercials

Creating an advertising campaign that embellishes the idea behind your brand.

Digital Ads

Google traffic is our ultimate goal with Ads that fit in your SEO brackets.

Branded Content

Our goal is to match brands’ values with content that fits their needs.

Corporate videos

We drive sales, improve brand values, and strengthen your company’s image.


Our high-end creatives, graphics, and animations can take you to the skyrocket target.

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