Amazing Content Ideas for Social Media

Marketing is one such component that raises an organization’s business bar by introducing different tactics of circulating the brands’ identity.

With regards to the release of a brands’ identity social media remains on the top of the list. Connecting audiences and reaching different business industries is what social media does more for any marketer.

To show your visibility, and create an imprint, you need to have a perfect content idea for the audience.

Remember, the strength of your social media depends on what type of content you showcase.

Bringing new ideas to the picture is one of the most difficult tasks for the marketing team of every organization.

But still, going with the creative flow is what every marketer believes in. Inspiring your social media strategy is one such aspect that drives the potential audience towards your business.

The industry has relocated some of the social media marketing strategies and has invented small ideas as to how to engage your consumers.

User perspective

Many marketers do this at the end of any campaign but asking your consumers about different ideas and what would they love to see has to be done prior to every activity.

Ask them about your new product or services that would make them feel that they are an integral part of your company.

Funny Post

Nowadays, many organizations have started using funny content to market their product such as ad films, memes, posts, reels, etc. People love the humour genre and follow most of these accounts on social media platforms. This type of approach leads to healthy engagement amongst the brand and the audience.

Personalized content

Customized offers for your audience are trending for some years. Customers do feel special when brands notice their activity and do something special for them. This is another medium of engaging your potential followers.


Do you feel writing content and posting it regularly on your social media handle will really drag your audience towards it?

No matter how many crisp content you have written for a post, not every consumer will read it.

For this, you just need to create some creative infographics that will create an impact on the customer’s mind. It would be a swift reading for them.

Tips & Advice

Your audience will love this fact of you deploying some tips & advice activity for them with regards to your brands and other competitors.

They will get assurance and this assurance will gain their trust in your actions. Any advice is free of cost and people love to grab it.

Run contents

Generally, people go for the contest-based activities that are visible before them.

Brands should run such contests to keep the engagement of the audience in their content marketed escalating.

This move could help you get more followers and keep the old ones engaged.

Sharing photos

Every organization runs campaigns where they require their audience to review the product, buy, and also promote them.

Organizations should focus on posting followers’ images with their purchased product to market their brand and make the consumer feel special so that he or she would start with P2P marketing.


These are some of the important and basic marketing tactics that would create brand awareness and help in gaining profits for your business. Keeping the content simple and to the point is necessary to create outstanding effects. Making easy content is not difficult but keeping that simple content consistent is important. Generally, many brands fail to be precise and consistent in their approach that leads to an ill effect while promoting your business. So, you just need to keep your basics proper and prepare a perfect execution plan for the social media content in order to upgrade the business standards.

What is Content Marketing? A Variant for Marketeers

Marketing anything needs perfect lines to describe that particular product. If your product or service is described less, no one would get engaged in your product promotion.

What is Content Marketing?

Content is an essential part of marketing to get your audience influenced by your brands. Many factors have already defined what marketing is but, Content Marketing has given a new way and acts as a bridge between brands’ expectations and agencies’ output.

Content Marketing has always helped businesses boost their results by involving people in their online presence. Content relevancy and its values can build your brand reputation and grow fearless in a competitive community.

Content Marketing is a strategic plan of attracting your audiences and get profitable customer reactions.

Below given are the four important elements of Content Marketing and some key points that will help you in developing your brand and upgrade its standard.

Settling Your Content

• The uniqueness that makes you different from your competitors
• Your brand’s unique value personality
• Reason for emerging as the better choice for Content Marketing than your rivals
• Experience your existing potential customers are looking for
• Finding competitive landscape

Strategic Planning for Content Marketing

• The audience you want to reach
• How to deliver them
• Achieving your targets
• Measures required to accomplish needed results
• Tools to use that will enhance your content

Value Proposition

• Content value for your audience
• Standing different from other content creators and influencers
• Branded content modifications
• Analyzing competitors branded content
• Types of information consumers are looking like an ideal source

Business Factor

• Your desired business goals
• Relevance of Content Marketing to achieve our targets
• Content creation strategy to enhance our virtue of providing good reputed content
• Required resources needed to put your content strategy ahead of your competitors
• Analyzing the cost, risks, and benefits in Content Marketing strategy

Content Marketing Tips

1. Know your audience – Attracting the right audience is what Content Marketing is all about. You just need to discover what they demand and deliver them the ideal content so that they engage with you and personify your product or services. You can easily determine the requirements needed by the right audience and then sit with your team to accomplish them.

2. Crystal clear content – Every user needs crystal-clear content to understand the marketing tactics used by various companies. We need to go through this need of your audience and then put the content on various platforms like the Instagram story, reels, YouTube, Twitter, and much more. The motive should be analyzing what content will best suit your consumers.

3. In-depth content – Long format content appears for a longer duration rather than the short format content. One topic with two highlighted pointers or several keywords is what you should opt for. Everything should be covered in just one specific article or post. This will help you stand out and create a positive image before your audience.

4. Consistent and relevant content – Re-earning backlinks become a kiosk sometimes and to avoid this you should keep your URL as it is, instead of changing it again & again. SERP’s, keep you posted in the top-ranking companies when keeping your content consistent and up-to-date. Implementing SEO tactics keeps your relevancy higher in the search engines.

5. Keeping brand voice steady – The user should never get this hint that the brand has used different tactics to put their content across all social networking sites. Your brand voice should remain the same so that everyone gets to know about your brand value and that it won’t change irrespective of uploading on different networking sites.

6. Personalizing website content – No one can modify the content over Amazon, Netflix, or any platform. You need to have your website where you can personalize the content according to your mindset keeping user perspective in mind.

7. Data-driven approach – Every article, post, or content that is marketed has some relevant data to attract the audiences that resist them to trust the data. Data and statistics could be used on social media platforms and websites as well. Imposing every data denoting your brand value is critically important.

The market is evolving every day with new norms of Content Marketing. But, the important and centric principles of content generation are the same – Enlarging the engaging marketing content with an appropriate data structure. Third Eye Blind Productions offers a perfect guide of Content Marketing to help brands uniquely develop their marketing strategy. We also offer certain tools that have a data-driven approach for the brands. The future of marketing has raised bars in the industry by introducing Content Marketing as the most essential factor in enlarging the brand value.