Top Social Media Influencers in India

People are increasingly consuming content through social media channels, which has greatly benefited brands, who are using social media influencers to market their products. Influencers marketing help brands connect with customers. There is no exception to this rule in India.

There has been an increase in influencers over the past few years, and everyone has a niche. Keeping things realistic with their followers has enabled these influencers to gain fame.

Their goal is to be as authentic as possible so they can connect with the audience more effectively.

In turn, this has resulted in them gaining a loyal following who are constantly scrolling through their feed in order to stay updated. The game has changed significantly.

Here are a few top social media influencers who are thriving on social media and making a living from it. In some way or another, they engage with the audience almost every day.

1. Dolly Singh

This sassy influencer, who starred in Netflix’s ‘Bhaag Beanie Bhaag’ series, uploads funny videos that instantly go viral. In addition to the very relatable videos, the comic series ‘Raju ki Mummy’ made her a star. Several people have praised her outfit posts.

She worked as an intern at iDiva. As soon as she graduated, she was offered a writing job. This social media influencer has collaborated with brands such as Amazon, Cadbury 5Star, Swarovski, Olay India, Urban Company, Domino’s Pizza India, and many more.

2. Kusha Kapila

She is regarded as one of the top social media influencers. In addition to posting funny videos and reels, she also discusses social issues.

Body shaming has been the subject of her many speeches and she has encouraged her followers to do the same. In the beginning of her digital journey, her fictitious avatar “Billi Maasi” captured the attention of her followers.

By creating relatable content, making everyone laugh and connecting with her 2.8M followers, she has worked with brands like Urban Company, Levi’s, OKCupid India, Vista Rooms, Dove India, Femina, and GRAZIA India.

3. Viraj Ghelani

Known for his funny reels, he is a well-known social media influencer. He was seen in a lot of videos on the Filter Copy YouTube channel.

This content creator makes quirky yet relatable videos that connect with his audience. Viraj has more than 975K Instagram followers and will be seen in the Disney+ Hotstar movie ‘Govinda Naam Mera’.

4.  Srishti Dixit

In India, Srishti gained fame with her videos on Buzzfeed India, where she worked as a content writer. She became an overnight sensation after videos like “If Real Life Was Like Big Boss” and “If Koffee With Karan Happened In Real Life” went viral. Srishti left Buzzfeed India after a few years and is now a freelance content creator.

On Netflix India’s YouTube channel, “Behensplaining,” Kusha Kapila and Srishti explain what “behens” are thinking around the world.

There are many brands that this internet sensation has collaborated with, including OnePlus Buds Z, Flipkart Video, GIVA – Modern Silver Jewellery, and Amazon Alexa India. As a brand it’s necessary to choose correct influencers so that they can reach the maximum number of audience.