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10 Ways to Make Your YouTube Video More Trending and Catchy

10 Ways to Make Your YouTube Video More Trending and Catchy

If your main content strategy is creating YouTube videos, make sure you are posting trendy videos. If not so, you aren’t taking full advantage of the available opportunities to build your audience engagement or brand reputation. The videos that you create shouldn’t be just for the sake of it, they should be trending.

A lot is taken into consideration when creating a trending YouTube video. After all, it comes down to YouTube’s algorithm, which means:

Watch time: This includes the session duration, number of views, number of session starts and etc.

Channel consistency: On YouTube, you want to promote your channel more than promoting individual videos. If the viewer finds a video that he likes, chances are that he will click on your channel to view more videos.

Video length: On YouTube, longer videos seem to be a hit rather than short videos. This happens because there are a lot of opportunities to keep your viewer engaged.

YouTube is also referred to as the world’s “second-largest search engine” because it can help your content to be found easily. Check out the 10 effective ways to make your video trending:

  1. Create Long-Form Video Content

As we mentioned above, longer videos outperform shorter videos. Recent research suggests that 8 minutes long videos do 350% better than 4 or 5 minutes long videos. According to researchers, there is a relation between video length, the number of views, or view session duration.

If you are a YouTuber, it is advisable that you make a video that is at least 8-10 minutes long. This would increase the duration of your views.

  1. Promote Your Video Quickly

Ensure you promote your video in the first 3 days of its release if you are investing in promoting it. The main aim is to make a lot of people watch the video in the first 48-72 hours. There are several ways to promote your video, like – social media channels, blogs, or related video ads.

No matter how you do it, your goal should be to get as many views as you can at the beginning of your video. After completing this, you can cater to your target audience.

  1. Use an Engaging Thumbnail

The small shot of your video that shows when one hovers over your video, the video thumbnail image, and the headline, all are important for your video impression.

Your thumbnail has to be attractive and catchy for the people to click on your videos. Avoid using thumbnails that have no relation to your actual video but are only pleasing to the eyes. You will lose your viewers’ trust by doing so. Thumbnails can also help in showcasing a brand personality pretty well.

  1. Optimize MetaData for Better Search and Visibility

Completely relying on video production is not enough for your channel. It is important that you optimize the meta description of your YouTube videos. This includes your tags, title, and description.

The main objective is to write something compelling without revealing the contents. You need to describe in detail but not go overboard with it.

Ensure to include a call to action links in the description. This way your viewers can reach you easily. Use the actual field for the tags and don’t fill your description with tags.

  1. Stick With Your Brand’s Image

If you aren’t comfortable with certain video content, ensure to modify it so that it suits your audience. Don’t experiment when you aren’t sure because bad videos can spoil your channel.

But this also does not mean that you shouldn’t keep your channel fresh. Experiment but also keep in mind what your audience will enjoy and appreciate and what they won’t. That way, you won’t scare them away.

  1. Be a Consistent YouTuber

Consistency is very important in getting more views for your channel. When a viewer watches a video he likes, he is more likely to check out more videos from that channel. This means long-term viewership.

Hence, YouTube’s algorithm encourages channel promotion over single video promotion. How is this true? Because 50% of the recommended videos are from the same channel and the rest are either from a related channel or trending videos.

  1. Engage with Your Audience

It is essential not to disregard the fact that YouTube is a social media platform and hence, social interaction is necessary. If you are just creating content and posting it without asking your audience to comment or discuss it, then you are missing a trick.

YouTube has great rewards for channels that are engaging and have lots of comments and likes. Try to respond to comments and ask your viewers to engage with you. This will ensure stability.

  1. Get Branded

You may have great content but is your channel visually appealing? If you want your viewers to take your video content into consideration and get more subscribers, you have to look professional.

Branding your channel will make it instantly recognizable. If you write blogs, you already have a channel that is appreciated by the users and can be differentiated from other content creators. Hence, it makes sense in carrying that brand to your YouTube channel.

  1. Push for Subscriptions

You know that your viewers are engaged with your channel when they subscribe to your channel to know if you have posted new content. It is essential to ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel in each video that you upload.

Always remember, never buy your subscribers. This will hurt the authenticity of your account in the long term.  You may miss out on a lot of potential followers if you don’t ask them to subscribe to your channel.

  1. Build Videos Around a Single Keyword/Topic

It’s obvious, but building your video around a single keyword is the best way to get traffic on your channel. A lot of people are unaware of the SEO practices and tend to skip them. But if you want your videos to get maximum views then it is essential to follow SEO guidelines. Using a keyword tool might help a lot. These keyword tools are specific to YouTube channels and help to look for the most searched keyword in the niche you are interested in.

It is important to pick a keyword before creating video content as it helps in constructing the best information. It also helps you to remember the keyword while creating content.

A well-drafted YouTube video marketing strategy can keep your brand in the mind of your audience. Make sure to create long, engaging content to maximize the views. Eye-catching thumbnails will also help you a lot.

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