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We are a renowned talent management agency that esteems and welcoming emerging models and influencer’s talent. Third Eye Blind Productions provides various peak industry specialists in sports, social media, YouTube, film making, and TV.

Third Eye Blind Productions represents renowned top industry professionals spread across the glamour world in modelling, sports, social media, film as well as small screen industry. The talents we have includes professionals like models, actors, journalists, social media influencers, politicians and Athletes.

Why Third Eye Blind Productions?

Being a talent management agency and known for our work are responsible for helping talented individuals to grow their career in the glamour industry in the right way.

Third Eye Blind Productions plays the role in connecting talents and clients with just a few clicks! We make our clients work easy by providing them with filters and choose the suitable models and celebrity as per their needs and requirements.

Clients have the freedom to book deserving talent directly with us. We always understand our client’s needs and demands and accordingly work with them in providing the right talents by being an advocate of our talents. We always committed to our work and take our job seriously and unlike other talent management agencies we invest in our client’s success.

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Talent Management - Third Eye Blind Productions
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  • Pet Modelling Jobs
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We work across all areas in the industry including Television, Film, Theatre, Musical Theatre, Commercials and Voice over.