Impact of Celebrity Endorsement

 What is celebrity endorsement & marketing?

The endorsement can work as a power booster for any brand or product and plays a crucial role in celebrity endorsement in India. There are various types of celebrity endorsement but word of mouth is best and simple promotional technique to spread recommendation from users. The endorsement is a type of communication in which one person speaks in the favor of brand or product.

Celebrity endorsement is a further extension of endorsement in which a celebrity, either film star or sportsman or social worker act as a spokesperson or brand ambassador and endorses what brand claims. Consistency between the endorser and the brand is very important. 

Develop a plan and implement celebrity marketing in India
The credibility of the celebrity breaks down into three categories: expertise, trustworthiness and attractiveness. A successful celebrity endorser must be seen as an expert in the industry they are endorsing. The celebrity must also be considered trustworthy to the demographic being marketed to. If a celebrity has a checkered past or controversial opinions it can reduce their credibility as a spokesman.
Finally, they must be considered attractive to the target demographic. This is more than just physical attractiveness. This extends to respect for the celebrity’s achievements and their public character. You can connect with a good celebrity endorsement agency to do your brand promotion in an effective manner. They will plan, make strategies and work with celebrities on your brand and bring your brand in front of audience in an appealing way.

Types of celebrity endorsement

Revenue Sharing
Revenue sharing is a deal in which you offer a celebrity to endorse you or a product for a cut in profits. This cut in profits is usually tied to one of your products. It can be the product the celebrity is endorsing, any other product, or a cut in the overall company revenue.

Investor Deals
This is a relatively new type of deal that stems from celebrities wanting to invest their hard-earned money into something worthwhile. Perspective tech start-ups can benefit a lot from it.

Licensed Endorsement Deal
The celebrity will remain actively involved with the brand for a period of 2-3 years with a strong possibility of contract extension.

Advantages and Disadvantages of celebrity endorsement and marketing.
There are some simple key points one must keep in mind while selecting celebrity for endorsement so that he/she can know its utmost celebrity endorsement advantages and disadvantages. People are attached to their favorite celebrity, and they are generally well-trusted by their fans. If they use your product, it shows their fans that it is a product worth using and builds trust in your brand.Celebrity endorsement makes your brand stand out.

If a celebrity is too big, their popularity might instantly overshadow your brand. If the ad focuses too much on the celebrity, it can cut out brand recognition in the minds of consumers. This can also become a problem if a celebrity is endorsing multiple products at the same time, as they might see the celebrity and associate it with another brand.

Examples of celebrity endorsement
Celebrity Endorsement refers to a marketing strategy whose purpose is to use one or multiple celebrities to advertise a specific product or service. The primary goal, in this case, is to reach a greater audience, represented by the celebrity’s fan base. Manyavar – Virat Kohli/Anushka Sharma, Kalyan Jewellers – Amitabh Bachchan, Knorr Soup – Kajol and Zandu Balm – Malaika Arora are few examples of celebrity endorsement.