End-to-End Powerful Influencer Marketing Company in Mumbai

First and foremost, Third Eye Blind Production’s vision is to manage Coordination, Communication, and Success, the end-to-end process of a brand’s campaign. The motive is to achieve maximum impact on the influencer sponsored campaign for the high reach in a group of community, ROI, growth, and awareness.


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The content for the brand will be with a unique vision, creative direction, and clear goal. The influencer marketing will assist more likes, comments, shares, and increase the followers on the published campaign post. Overall, Third eye blind production’s focus is on brand growth goals.

Third Eye Blind Production Roles and Responsibilities:-

  • Execution of creative campaigns and marketing strategies.
  • Development of content ideas as per the target audience.
  • Keep an eye on competitors, users, consumers, and research on the relevant industry.
  • Trust, Value, and Awareness of the brand among the masses.
  • Keep up a brand work with trends, techniques, and influencers.
  • Attending the Event and Shows to build a network and business partners.
  • Identifying influencers and digital personalities for brand awareness.
  • Track record of success, high reach, ROI, and goal on a time to time basis.

Platform delivering full scale influencer campaigns

Third Eye Blind Productions is one of the end-to-end creative influencer marketing agency which delivers full-scale influencer campaigns. Nowadays, top social media influencers are playing a major role in creating impact worldwide with their success stories and postings.

Influencers read to create content and post about your brand

Third Eye Blind Productions is a fiercely independent and agile Influencer marketing agency that grows brands and reputations around the globe.


    How do we charge?

    Influencer marketing results are surprising for the brands in the market. The charges vary on the number of followers, engagement, industry, sales growth, and awareness.

    The Brand should prefer the top influencer marketing agency that has a more performance-driven approach and also on a percentage commission basis for the sponsored campaigns.

    Influence marketing charging model:-

    1. Pay-per-pos
    2. Product Compensation
    3. SaaS Subscription
    4. Pay-per-click
    5. Pay-per-acquisition

    How can Third Eye Blind Productions help you?

    Third Eye Blind Productions engage with leading, niche content creation to increase the web traffic, improve brand awareness, and circulate your brand message to the target audience/masses:-
    ● Increase the number of likes-share, comments, follows on the contents.
    ● Promote the brand on multiple social media channels.
    ● Delivery of Relevant, Reliable, and Relatable high-quality content with a focused strategy.
    ● Organically, build an authentic relationship with the customers.

    Campaign creation & Strategy

    Our team of experts create and suggest influencer as per your brand objective

    Reach the Right Audience

    We Choose the right audience perfect for your brand.

    Insight & Reporting

    Real-Time monitoring and audience engagement reporting will be provided

    Campaign Execution

    You just have to share your Campaign brief. The rest is taken care of!

    we are better


    We have a dedicated team of influencer marketing experts to execute your campaign in full swing.

    Advertise around the world with us

    We always believe in setting KPI’S which help us in evaluating the performance of our campaign for any business. We always target the right audience by filtering it as per age, gender, market, and interests on different brands. The most important part is to approach the best influencer who can help in placing your brand in the right demographical area and help you in getting the desired returns within a period.

    Influencer Marketing Agency

    Get Real-Time Impact

    Third Eye Blind Productions is one of the trusted Influencer Marketing Companies due to our expert in hour specialists. Our team is far more ahead in creating unique and impressive stories to support any brand which wants to make a benchmark in the business market today. Our main motto is to provide the best solutions in line with the goals of our clients. The execution of campaigns is done in a very unique way to reach billions of people.

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