What is Fintech

What is Fintech?

Companies on a regular basis use technology to drive their business in a swift, secure and safe way. Traditionally, everything was done physically or by some sort of means that would take time but now with the advancement of the internet and fintech – or else financial technology has totally changed people’s way of dealing with various acts of money in their daily life. It has and also now affected their way of sending money, paying various bills, investing somewhere, and buying or sell products.

Fintech startups now try and offer services to different financial institutes and also show their innovative part which was previously done by banks and different financial institutions. Have you thought about the difference of all the way walking to any bank for any kind of information you require that would be readily available on your smartphone by just a swipe of your surfing browser? This will explain to you the impact of fintech.

Fintech has already started giving people their right of driving up in their business by the use of technologies empowering them and control their financial status. It lets small players to compete on the same platform where the other financial institutions speed up. Now with fintech, it has become easy to know that being faster and secure is much more important than being a big bull. Let’s look at some prime benefits of fintech.


Long Term Service

Fintech always helps and allows companies to expand their reach in services to customers using innovative technology. Usage of smartphones has increased the number of services used by people.


Managing financial options via tablets, mobile phones gives an all-around performance, a unique way of enhancing business structure to the customers. Mobile connectivity helps in improved convenience of financial transactions.

Upgraded Security

Customers demand high security in financial transactions. This is the reason why fintech has always stepped in and have shown a perfect way of digitalization as well as controlled measure of security that would make the customers confident of their dealings.

Swift Approval Rate

Fintech has made it possible for lenders and borrowers to deal in a day with the help of technology. Artificial intelligence and automation have made it easy for anyone to connect within seconds.

Fintech Examples

  • API’s – Bolstering this option as a viable concept, API’s have changed the way we look at banks. Financial data APIs have various tools that can be leveraged to provide merit to ways including connection of a business.
  • Payments – Being the largest subcategory, this aspect has improved the ease in making swift and secure financial transactions by the customers in their businesses.
  • Banking – Mobile banking sector has emerged as a boon to various businesses. It has helped the unbanked section in dealing online without any hesitation.
  • Smart contracts – A smart contract utilizes the blockchain and that in return authenticates as well as keeps an eye and later enforces the period of contracts automatically. This also eliminates the requirement of legacy technologies.
  • Lending – With the help of the lending framework, now these aspects of fintech have helped a lot of consumers and businesses borrow like never before. The advanced loan software has automated traditional lending methods by reducing unnecessary time used.

Future of Fintech

Ongoing period with technology has already created a boom in every sector but coming years would also be a dream run period for unbanked people with the help of fintech.

Artificial intelligence, analytics, investment management, will create a swift move in this sector due to advancements in technology.

Fintech has already taken financial processes to an altogether different level and has made it totally customer-friendly.

They help customers and importantly unbanked people run their businesses in a secured, swift and smooth manner.

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